What is Second Life?

What is Second Life?

The video and site are Awesome – very nicely done and shows viewers the Beauty, Quality and Complexity of this Amazing 3D World.  I think many people are stunned when they see Second Life for the first time.  I know we all love to groan and complain about Lag and SL issues but frankly, this place is AMAZING and it is a marvel that it runs at all!


I began my Second Life in 2006 and discovered this magical world where just about anything was possible, including Romance, Sex, BDSM, D/s and all the Role Play that went with it.

The Sex industry (like the Internet Sex Industry) plays a large role in Second Life. With Virtual Brothels, Escorts, Sex Beaches, Sex Clubs, Nudist Clubs, Dungeons and specialty Role Play areas.  It also plays a HUGE role in terms of the Funds (Lindens and USD) bought and exchanged.

Although this video is PG (and it has to be for obvious reasons)it does not refer to any sexual content like Zindra (the new Adult Continent) and the hundreds of Private Sims, Clubs and Role Play Areas dedicated to serving those looking for a quality Adult Entertainment.

It has often been the SL Sex Industry that has pushed the envelope in terms of Building, Scripting, Graphics, Technology; Privacy and Legal Issues just as the Sex Industry has in the Real World since the beginning of time.

And please take a moment to think about the amazing people behind the avatars, the Entertainers, Hosts, Dancers, Escorts and Club Managers who spend hours, patiently waiting for customers; greeting, chatting, running events, and often helping the endless line of noobs who wonder how “all this works”.

Remember…Top Search word in ANY Search Engine (on the Internet or in SL) is…  SEX

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